Ben Sever Joins AdventHealth Foundation Board

advent health west florida

Ecover Global is proud to announce that our CEO, Ben Sever, has been invited to join the AdventHealth Foundation Board of Directors. Ben brings with him the experience of developing a cutting-edge HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform founded by medical professionals, enterprise technology experts and mobile healthcare strategists. Ben and his team have 10+ years of experience in all facets of patient care ranging from general health to elective plastic surgery. Ben will be applying his unique technical and entrepreneurial experience to his position with AdventHealth Carrollwood Foundation, helping them to continue their mission to provide cutting edge care.

“On behalf of the AdventHealth Carrollwood Foundation, we are honored and privileged to welcome the CEO of Ecover Global, Ben Sever, to our Foundation Board of Directors. Ben brings a natural enthusiasm and a very unique set of talents to our board.  We are thrilled to have him join our continued efforts to serve our community and provide the best care possible to our patients.” stated Tony LaForgia, Executive Director of AdventHealth Carrollwood Foundation.

AdventHealth is a full system of care that supports our community from everyday wellness and preventive health care to life-saving diagnostic services and innovative medical treatments in cancer, heart failure and more. Ecover Global is excited to commit to the community in a similar way and looks forward to what the future has in store for the Advent Health Foundation Board of Directors.

“I am ecstatic about this unique opportunity, because the quality of innovation and talent in AdventHealth Carrollwood Foundation as a whole reflects the individuals on the board. As a Tampa native, I am proud and committed to driving our strategic initiatives forward to make Hillsborough County’s healthcare ecosystem stronger” stated, Ben Sever, CEO of Ecover Global.