Ecover Global Makes Charitable Contribution to Cure Kids’ Cancer NOW!

Ecover Global Donates to Cure Kids Cancer NOW Logo

Ecover Global is committed not only to revolutionizing patient engagement, but also empowering medical research efforts, student development, and community collaboration. Each year the company picks an annual corporate social responsibility partner within those sectors whose cause will be the primary focus. Ecover Global is proud to announce that our 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Partner is Cure Kids’ Cancer NOW.

The Fight

Cure Kids’ Cancer NOW! is a foundation based in Tampa, determined to support families who are in the fight against kids’ cancers. The organization was founded by Monica and Ryan Angel after their five-month-old daughter, Emmi Grace, died in 2016 due to the toxic effects of chemotherapy treatment for AT/RT brain cancer. Current chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments remain incredibly toxic to children, especially babies. Emmi Grace, like all children with cancer, was treated with chemotherapies designed for adults.

After suffering from the effects of childhood cancer firsthand, Monica and Ryan committed to doing everything they could to honor Emmi Grace’s memory by providing real change. Their foundation has three missions:

  • To fund innovative research designed to treat kids’ brain cancers, with a primary focus on AT/RT.
  • To send kids with cancer “Home for the Holidays” in honor of Emmi Grace’s birthday.
  • To educate about the truth of kids’ cancers and advocate for change.

Research Funding

Ecover Global loves to support organizations that empower medical research and remove barriers to solutions. The donation from Ecover Global was directed toward Cure Kids’ Cancer NOW! Foundation’s current pledge to the Children’s Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC) to fund full genomic sequencing of AT/RT tumors. Cure Kids’ Cancer NOW! is proud to serve as the AT/RT Champion for the CBTTC, which is the largest open access pediatric biorepository on earth. In addition to collecting, maintaining, and storing children’s brain tumor tissue, CBTTC studies the tissues themselves to determine the exact makeup of each, helping to create better data points in order to facilitate more targeted clinical trials. This pledge is accelerating the timeline for uncovering meaningful data leading to more appropriate treatment options. It is estimated that having all of this information in one place, shared by so many institutions, has saved about 25 years of research time!

Home for the Holidays

In addition to Ecover’s support of Cure Kids’ Cancer NOW!’s program with CBTTC, Ecover also plans to support their annual Home for the Holidays program. Children with cancer who are uninsured or underinsured often continue inpatient care even when medically discharged. This is due to the high cost of purchasing needed supplies for home. It is incredibly frustrating to have a child who is medically discharged but must remain at a facility due to lack of appropriate funds. This is especially difficult during the holidays. Therefore, Cure Kids’ Cancer NOW! helps cover the costs to give kids the chance to be home for the holidays with their families. This is an annual event and one Ecover Global will support this holiday season.

Ecover Global is proud to support the Cure Kids’ Cancer NOW! Foundation in their support of the tiny, but tough! “As a company built for acceleration and innovation, we are thrilled to support a like-minded partner such as Cure Kids’ Cancer NOW!, whose three-pronged mission statement is positioned to drive meaningful change,” said Ecover Global’s Chairman and CEO Ben Sever.