Ecover Global’s Student Innovators Take Patient Communication to the Next Level

Ecover Global Student Innovators

EcoverGlobal is comprised of innovators. The company’s products, roadmap, culture and talent are created by those who are wired for innovation. Innovation is the baseline. The company’s office is a formality for collaboration as all team members are set up to work remotely, which allows Ecover to be nimble and to recruit the best of the best, regardless of geography. 

Student development is one of the core components of Ecover Global’s community involvement initiative. Highlighted here are some of the company’s most talented student innovators. 

Henry Hinton – Harvard University 

Henry has served as a Product Development Advisor at Ecover Global since February of 2019. In this role, he advises on product development and analytics, performs QA testing to optimize current functionalities, roadmaps future modules and is responsible for creation of Ecover’s “Surgical Journey Tracker.” He helps steer the app’s design towards a patient-centric format. 

Beyond his work with Ecover Global, Henry is pursuing an electrical engineering PhD at Harvard with a research focus in optoelectronic devices using 2D materials and CMOS bioelectronic interface design.

A bioengineering graduate from UC Santa Cruz, Henry concentrated in bioelectronics.  He enjoys operating in different electrical “orders of magnitude” and has worked on a number of projects ranging from bioreactor design to high power feedback control systems for biofuel production and action potential recording from neural and cardiac iPSCs.  

Tess Bunkin – Emory University 

Tess has worked with EcoverGlobal since December of 2019 and serves as a Customer Success & Communications Intern. Tess helps to train and support medical users of Ecover’s patient engagement platform, raise awareness of offerings in the Atlanta market and develop community awareness regarding company milestones and community events. 

Tess is earning her major in psychology, with a minor in architecture at Emory University. She is a certified ScrumMaster (CSM), a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) and holds certifications in HIPAA Awareness for Business Associates and Mental Health.

Tess also volunteers her time as Secretary and Pace Chairwoman for the Collegiate Chapter of the Gamma Phi Beta International Sorority as well as serving on the Emory Student Alumni Association Board.

Patient Engagement Platform Development

EcoverGlobal’s HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform comes to the market complete with a unified base of technology. There is no re-writing of code, and no re-releasing of the app to the app store to try to solve for different customer needs. The app is built on a patient-centric model, with the end-user being the main driver of functionality.

This level of innovation is something Ecover Global’s student innovators have helped bring to the table throughout the development process. Each team member has been assessed against the V.O.P.S. Leadership Model (Visionaries, Operators, Processors, Synergists). They are thought leaders!

Community Involvement

EcoverGlobal is committed to not only revolutionizing patient engagement, but also to empowering medical research efforts, student development and community collaboration. The Student Innovator program is one of these sectors. The company’s overall goal is to impact the healthcare industry and community in a meaningful way for years to come. For other examples of community involvement, visit the news page of the website.