The Role of Technology in a Pandemic

Man in a mask at a computer

It’s no secret that technology helps people work, study, shop and interact virtually. Many of us have our phones by our side day and night! But use of technology to connect has vastly accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now our phones and our devices are more important than ever to conduct business and to stay connected. This is especially important when it comes to medical and governmental communication. And this trend of relying on communication technology will likely extend past the current pandemic.

Emergency Notification & Communication

In a time of unease and tension, communication and connectivity become even more important. When we can’t leave our homes, we come to rely on technology for emergency notification and communications. This helps to keep us connected to the outside world. Therefore, organizations that find a way to keep the lines of communication flowing in both directions will be the most successful during a pandemic or crisis. People expect to be able to reach out to medical and governmental entities through technology, as well as to have important messages pushed to them through their devices. Topics of interest during a pandemic/crisis include new safety protocols, changes to operating hours, and changes to services offered as well as relevant safety information.

Accurate Information

The sheer amount of information available online is endless. And, as we all know, only a small percentage of it is accurate. Also, information that is accurate for one population or geographic area may not be accurate for another. Part of what feeds fear in a pandemic or crisis situation is misinformation and mass generalization. Technology can be used to properly disseminate reliable information to targeted populations. Rather than people having to consult Google with their questions, they would rather consult via technology from a trusted source. People consider trusted sources to be their doctors, government,  universities and large healthcare systems. Relevant, quality information helps to keep the population informed and advised about what to do to reduce risks and how best to stay safe.

Woman shopping during a pandemic


Data security is a hot-button topic right now. We are using our devices to communicate and store important information, but we want to make sure that information stays private. This is why secure communication is so important. Secure communication is the ability to share information with varying degrees of certainty that third parties cannot intercept the communication. Whether it be HIPAA-compliant communication for the healthcare field or encrypted communication for municipalities and universities, privacy and security are key.


One of the most important needs during a pandemic or crisis is access to quality healthcare. With people being required to stay home and out of public spaces, technology plays a vital role in delivering healthcare directly to those who need it. Telemedicine apps allow virtual patient and clinician contact, care, advice, reminders, education, intervention and monitoring all without an in-person visit. This approach to healthcare has experienced a huge evolution in the last decade, and an even more striking evolution since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is becoming an increasingly important part of healthcare infrastructure.

Person using telemedicine


Isn’t it better to say something once, versus hundreds of times? Good communication flow puts necessary information in peoples’ hands versus them having to reach out to inquire. Hundreds or thousands of people reaching out to get information means bogged-down call centers and more visits to in-person help centers. This also means that employees responsible for disseminating information have to be on-site instead of being able to stay safely at home. Placing clear, easy-to-understand information in peoples’ hands via technology increases efficiency during a pandemic or time of crisis.

Communication is Key

An exceptional communication experience starts with exceptional communication. With more and more communication taking place over long distance and mediated by technology, people expect organizations to be available to communicate not only through the phone, but now also through text, video, photos, chats and social media. Successful organizations will meet those expectations by providing high quality communication in a way that’s easily consumed and shared.

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